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Paper Shredding Saginaw

Shred Legal is a paper shredding Saginaw company that has been in business since 2005. We are privately owned and ensure that all of our operators are certified, bonded and insured. With the rising rate of identity theft, it’s essential that businesses safeguard the privacy of their employees, customers and company. In order to do this, documents that contain sensitive information must be securely disposed of. Simply tossing away these documents in the trash is not enough.

Saginaw document destruction works will all types of documents, including memos, price lists and receipts. We offer two convenient options for our customers. The first is our scheduled pickups, where our operators come to the workplace according to a set schedule and dump the contents of the consoles into the truck. The consoles are provided free of charge by our company and placed around convenient locations throughout the workplace.

Once the documents are dumped into the truck, they are shredded on site. Shred Legal strives to be an environmentally friendly company, and we bale and sell all of the paper waste to paper mills and recycling facilities. Since not all companies need our paper shredding Saginaw services on a regular basis, we also have one-time services. Please allow 48 hours in these instances. Take a proactive stand against theft of confidential material and preserve the privacy of your company with Saginaw document destruction.

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